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Welcome to S-CUBED - The Tutorial & Workshop Signup System

With this system, if your course allows, you can signup for your Tutorials and Workshops online!

Note: This system is not for enrolling into courses, only signing up for Tutorials and Workshops etc.

To login, you will need to use your Student Account. If you are aware of these details please log in now.

Click Here to download a PowerPoint slideshow which explains the signup process using S-Cubed.
Click Here to download a PDF which explains the signup process using S-Cubed.

Password Information for New Students

If you're a new student, or a returning student whose password has expired, you need to change your password (activate your student account) before trying to access S-Cubed. To do this, you need to go to Student Password Synchronisation and put in your username at the first login box and then your student ID at the second login box. If this doesn't work, you can ring 463 5050 to have your password changed manually.
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